TZ rebellion alliance

Myr and I have decided to make an alliance with the Talkzone Rebellion. BUT, myr is not joining it. So the T.I. HQ will be allied with the TZ rebellion when their leader approve it. To make clear the things, Myr and I are the leaders of the T.I., I am part of the TZ rebellion and Myr not. Also, the T.I. will not make anything of the TZ rebellion unless Myr approves it. That’s all.


About Antonio Llergo

Blogger boy, mexican, myopic, and with a thing for books and excessively elaborated long sentences.
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8 Responses to TZ rebellion alliance

  1. oy30 says:

    Reblogged this on OY30´s blog! and commented:
    Yes. Brace, I need you to approve this.


  2. Brace_Face says:

    Reblogged this on Bring Back The TalkZone and commented:


  3. sfclomex says:

    I want to join the T.I.


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