The T.I. team

  • Gavin
  • tynamonZ
  • Jesus (the sf)
  • Ted(theendordragon)
  • King____Joel
  • xyz
  • sethsniper30
  • minion
  • sf_ahsoka
  • Origamiyoda30
  • marci
  • CloneFolder1
  • OY217
  • wooktent
  • myrmyr
  • iloy
  • Brace_face

Also, we are allied with W.O.W. : John, Tanner, Andy, Joey, Snoopy and SY5.


About Antonio Llergo

Blogger boy, mexican, myopic, and with a thing for books and excessively elaborated long sentences.
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3 Responses to The T.I. team

  1. jesus says:

    why did you put (the sf) next to my name?


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