Join us!

We need more members here! More members that can help us! More members that can ignore trolls! More members that can buy us pizza every friday night! (This one is required :P). Comment if you wanna join us.

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So I was thinking if we should have the first meeting here since the troll ignorers had just met in the TZ, and it is shut, what do u think?

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TZ rebellion alliance

Myr and I have decided to make an alliance with the Talkzone Rebellion. BUT, myr is not joining it. So the T.I. HQ will be allied with the TZ rebellion when their leader approve it. To make clear the things, Myr and I are the leaders of the T.I., I am part of the TZ rebellion and Myr not. Also, the T.I. will not make anything of the TZ rebellion unless Myr approves it. That’s all.

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TZ Rebellion

Just to clarify, the TI may be allied with the TZ Rebellion, but I AM NOT AFFILIATED AND DON’T SUPPORT THE TZ REBELLION. To repeat, I don’t support the rebellion at all even though the TI is allied with it.


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The T.I. team

  • Gavin
  • tynamonZ
  • Jesus (the sf)
  • Ted(theendordragon)
  • King____Joel
  • xyz
  • sethsniper30
  • minion
  • sf_ahsoka
  • Origamiyoda30
  • marci
  • CloneFolder1
  • OY217
  • wooktent
  • myrmyr
  • iloy
  • Brace_face

Also, we are allied with W.O.W. : John, Tanner, Andy, Joey, Snoopy and SY5.

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We Are Back

Our leader, DV, the creator of this site, has left. He chose MyrMyr and I as the new leaders. We hope we can be as good as our leader was, DV. We’ll miss him. Guys, though the talkzone is shut up, we need to recruit as many people here, the TZ blog needs to be protected. Please, reblog this post. You are our hope. And remember, ignore trolls.

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so first meeting soon

first meeting soon guys we’ll meet here instead

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